My side of the story.

Sunday may have been the most exciting day of my life.  Aside from the fact that I turned 19 (which meant cake and also that my friends threw me my first surprise party ever.  There were streamers and guacamole and candles in a mini Edy’s ice cream… it was great), another long-awaited event happened that day.

My sister got a fiancé.  And a beautiful ring.  And a smile to wear all week.  (and maybe for longer than a week)

Even though the event isn’t really about me, I’ve had an assurance in my heart from day one (approximately 4 years ago, give or take a few months) that this would happen one day.  It was just a question of which day.

I can’t tell Brooke’s story for her, because she’d tell it much better than I ever could.  She’s a great storyteller and deserves that honor.  It’s a great story though.  Here’s my side of it: I just so happened to call my parents just as my sister and her soon-to-be fiancé (with the ring in his pocket) left the house.  After my mom asked how my birthday had been, I heard her say to my dad, “did Brooke and Alex leave?”

Then she told me what was about to transpire.  And I’m pretty sure that the people at the Metra stop were looking at me strangely.  Or maybe not.  I didn’t actually notice or care much.  I just beamed.  And kept beaming during the whole train ride.  And almost shed a few happy tears – but mostly just had really shiny eyes.  And screamed a little bit in the back of my throat when my mom sent me pictures of the ring and the happy couple.  (because beaming on the Metra doesn’t hurt anyone… screaming however – now THAT’S a different story)

I’m sure there are many great and stressful days of wedding planning ahead.  I’m sure that this road won’t be without its bumps and turns and deer that run out into the middle without any warning, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

There is just so much joy in the journey.



2 thoughts on “My side of the story.

  1. Dear Ashley, I remember well how supportive of your sister you were when she went through high school graduation celebrations. Even I can see what a wonderful and unselfish sister you are. And I know Brooke is mutually wonderful in her own ways. Your sisterhood is somethig special (but you knew that). Thanks for writing about it.

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