Today marks the first day of the year where I will figure out what it means to be nineteen.  Right now it means a lot of emails to professors, printing papers, and possibly cleaning my room later today.

It also means remembering that humans can’t multi-task.  It’s impossible, apparently.  So when you have 8 things to do on your to-do list (or more), you have to take them one at a time.

Sometimes I make to-do lists and get stressed out by the amount of things on there.  So I stress about it and go on Facebook and do all the things that aren’t on the to-do list instead of actually tackling the things I actually needed to do.

Does this sound familiar?  Also, does this make a lick of sense?

It’d be much better to take a deep breath, remind myself that Jesus is with me, and conquer one of my stressing tasks.

Strange how easily I can forget that the best way to conquer by to-do list is to do the things on my to-do list.  That seems like common sense, but common sense often goes out the window when stress sets in.

This week is my last before spring break and my first being a 19-year-old.  I’m going to take things one at a time and conquer.  I think Jesus cares about to-do lists, about the things that stress me out.  So, together, we shall overcome.



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