songwriting adventure.

I tried to find good songs about being nineteen this morning.  You know, songs that you can really connect with.  So that when they play “Dancing Queen”, and you’re seventeen, you feel like they wrote it for you.  Or when you watch “The Sound of Music,” you sing along extra enthusiastically with Liesl’s song because you’re sixteen going on seventeen, too.

There are absolutely no good songs about being nineteen. It’s actually pretty sad.  I feel like every age should have a song with its specific number in it.  So, my temporary solution is to listen to The Lumineers before class instead.

This makes me think that maybe no one else knows what it is to be nineteen either.  They get 15, because when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re going to believe them (according to Taylor Swift).  They get sixteen, because when you’re sixteen, going on seventeen, baby, it’s time to think.  (Thank you, Sound of Music)  And Janis Ian learned the truth at seventeen, so we’re all clear that love was meant for beauty queens, etc.

But what about nineteen?  Apparently we don’t understand nineteen.  New goal for the year: figure out what it means to be nineteen and write a song about it.

I’ve written sonnets, short stories, essays, haikus, skits, scenes for plays, newspaper articles, blogs (duh), letters, sticky notes asking my roommate what the smell in our room is, text messages, emails, and grocery shopping lists, but I’ve never really written a song.  I mean, I sing things all the time because it’s so much more fun to say something like “we’re going to dinner” like it’s a musical, but I hardly think that counts as songwriting.

And I don’t count the song that I wrote in ninth grade about feeling like a cassette tape. It really doesn’t count, trust me.

So, I’ll do it.  It’ll probably be good for me.  I’ll probably learn something in the process, and if I do, I’ll share it with you.  It’ll be an adventure.

Also, we just hit 400 posts, which is cause for excitement!


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