What I should have given up for Lent.

I’ll just let the cat out of the bag right now: I should have given up complaining.  (In case you’re wondering, the cat is a tabby, and she is small, doesn’t scratch people, hiss, or rub up against your legs.)

I see complaining kind of in the same way I see alcohol consumption.  (just stick with me here, I promise there’s a parallel)  Granted, I complain but don’t drink alcohol since I’m only 18, so I may not actually be qualified to make this comparison.  I think I’ll do it anyways, though.  But people usually drink to be social, right?  It’s something to do with friends and makes people feel more at ease, apparently.  Personally, I don’t have to drink to feel at ease and have a good time, unless we’re talking water, coffee, or almond milk.  That’s always a good time.

But anyways, back to this comparison that will, eventually, make sense.

I complain to connect with people.  It seems a little weird, but really, that’s just the way it is.  I don’t mind taking exams much, but I can groan about it with people if that’s the only conversation we can have at the moment.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the only reason I complain.  I also complain when it isn’t sunny outside and the wind blows so hard and cold that it makes me cry.  I also complain about the food in my cafeteria almost every day when it doesn’t live up to my high standards.  (Really, I should just lower my expectations.)

Either way, I should have given it up for Lent.

The great thing about Lent is that even though you’re supposed to start on Ash Wednesday, just because you don’t have your brain wave until almost 2 weeks later doesn’t mean that you can’t add it in.  Boo-yah.  Thus begins my endeavor to not complain.

You might have to help me be accountable with this.


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