Temporary home.

Photo on 2-24-13 at 2.36 PMThis is me, Ashley, in the library with my cup of coffee.  This is where I live now.  The library.

Not actually.  I don’t really live here.  I don’t think they’d let me stay overnight, even though that has always been a secret fantasy of mine: to spend a night in a library.  Secret’s out.

I spend a lot of hours sitting in this chair, sometimes being productive, sometimes blogging (which is only half productive), sometimes trying not to fall asleep.  I figure if there’s any time of life when you’re allowed to spend this much time in the library, it’s during college.  Or post-college studies.  Any time when you’re in school, really.

I might get to spend less time here and more time doing other things if I could just get down to business right away, but I always have to catch up on my emails first, say hello to far away friends through facebook, and write a little blurb about whatever’s on my mind.

On that note, the babies are still screaming (if you have no idea what I’m referencing here, scroll down to yesterday’s post), so I’d better go be a responsible student.

Because if there’s any time of life that you’re going to be slightly less than fun, slightly more studious, and slightly more caffeinated, it’s college.


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