Homework babies.

Today, I have a nursery of screaming babies around me.  It’s not literal – I’d actually prefer that.  Nope, my figurative homework babies are here in the nursery of my to-do list.  Lab Report over there is a toddler, so he’s been following me around asking, “Why?  Why?  Why?  What’s that?  How’d you get that, huh?  Why?”

Then there’s a Bible paper over there that’s crying from neglect.  She’s been laying in her crib for a couple weeks now, waiting for me to acknowledge that she’s awake and hungry for some attention.

My Philosophy paper has, thankfully, finally settled down for a nap, but it’ll wake up on Monday and ask for more editing.

These are the moments when I’m thankful that I only have three children…. wait, I mean classes.  Classes, not children.  And I’m thankful that one of them asks me to go in-depth with the Bible.  I mean, really, it’s a blessing to be asked to write a paper about a Psalm of your choice.  It requires time and work, certainly, but it’ll yield good things when it’s done that I can directly apply to my life, right away.

Now, it’s high time that I helped Bible out of her crib and showed her a little loving.  Please excuse me.


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