New paths.

This morning, I’m thinking about paths.

This is the forest through which Jesus and I walk on my journey.  I really can’t imagine a prettier place to walk.  The sunlight filters through the trees, and as I gaze up at the juncture where the sunlight is trying to break through the canopy of leaves, I feel small.  It’s not a common feeling for a gal just under six feet, but these trees are so tall.  They stretch upwards with branches outstretched, like they are growing perpetually but invisibly.

Sometimes, the trees are beautiful and enhance the journey.  Sometimes, they just make me feel small and insignificant.

Jesus and I have been walking along a path that winds around the trees for a while now.  To me, it seems like we have no destination, but I’m sure He knows where we’re going.  We never pass the same trees twice, covering new ground every day.  I feel like I’m going to stroll around this path in the forest for my whole life.

Then, Jesus nudges me and points to a spot where the trees are closer together, where there’s quite a bit of brush on the ground.  I have no idea why He’s pointing there.  There?  You want me to walk there?  Wait, you’re coming too, right?  Can we really walk there?  It looks more like we’d have to crawl.  I think that might be a little bit too much work, Jesus.  I don’t think I fit there – look at how the tree branches come down to where my waist is.  That’s not a path, Jesus.

But He keeps pointing, so we walk over. He goes first, holding my hand and showing me how He walks.  He ducks and steps over the brush in the way, effortlessly, and pulls me with Him, to walk as He does.

I do it less gracefully and with less certainty, but I follow.

I don’t know where this path leads.  I thought I’d stay in the forest for the rest of my days, strolling on the path with Jesus, but maybe we’re not even staying in the forest.  Perhaps this way leads out.

It shouldn’t matter what terrain faces me.  Though I cringe at the thought of deserts to maneuver or mountains to climb or cities to get lost in, I follow.  Because I want Jesus to walk with me.




2 thoughts on “New paths.

  1. Ashley….Love, love this. I love woods. Woods are comforting to me and so where the creater is. Harold grew up in the country and we walked in the woods a lot. He would leave the path and I would walk where he walked because like you say at times it is, are you sure we should walk there? I love that Jesus is ALWAYS walking in the woods with us whether it be a leisurely stroll or a hard, worked up walk, He is there to lead at all times. Thank you for sharing and I hope your Wednesday is great. Love you.

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