Lightening the canoe.

Life can be like floating down a river on an inner tube.  I’ve done this before and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was such a nice time of relaxation.

Then sometimes, life is like canoeing down a river that’s too shallow for the boat so you have to get out and push it through some sections.

I’m referring, of course, to the fact that my homework and other work load was light… until this week.  All of a sudden, drafts of papers were due, lab reports needed to be written, editing needed to happen, shifts at work started, and groceries needed to be bought.  And my body requested that I add sleep to the list.

The time is shorter than the amount the canoe of duties asks for, but that’s just when you have to hop out of the boat and shove a little.  Jesus rides in my boat too, and He helps with the shoving when it’s needed.  Let’s be honest; Jesus shoves much harder than I do.

The water will get deeper. The best thing about weeks like this is that when they’re done (if I press on to the end and finish everything), I will have a checklist with lots of responsibilities checked off.  My canoe will be lighter and will glide through the water with more ease.

I’ll lighten my canoe by keeping this short.


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