Giving time.

Here’s what’s real right now:

  1. My black Skechers are absolutely soaked right now from 2 miles of walking in the rain.  Also, it was totally worth it to be at church this morning.
  2. French toast with friends makes a great Sunday lunch.
  3. There are a lot pages of writing that are waiting to be edited.
  4. John Mark McMillan is singing me through it.
  5. Tonight, I’m going to go to the House of Blues to hear Jon Foreman and friends play at an event with To Write Love on Her Arms.  I feel incredibly cool just saying that.  I also feel like they’ll have a “coolness” detector at the door, and when I walk through I’ll be rejected since I wear Skechers almost every day and participate in Skirt Wednesdays (which is exactly what it sounds like) and talk to myself a lot.

Thanks to posters up around my school, Lent isn’t going to sneak up on me again this year.  It almost did last year, since I forgot that we start that in February.  It’s just a sneaky season.  Or maybe I’m just forgetful.  Either way, I’m ready for it now.  So when it starts on Wednesday, I’ll be prepared.  I’ve been thinking.

I started thinking a couple days ago about how I wanted to be intentional about Lent this year and determined that I didn’t want to give something up for the sake of giving it up.  I really don’t eat that much chocolate.  At this point in my life, I’m completely obstinate about never giving up coffee.  I gave up Facebook last year, and it was great.  But I want to do something different, another experiment.

Then, this morning, as my pastor was talking about tithing, I thought about what I’ve been giving God lately in terms of my time.  We have breakfast together every morning, but sometimes I chew while I talk to Him and get distracted by how tasty the muffin that I’m eating is.  Or, because I haven’t had enough coffee yet, I go off into a trance and stare at my big toe for a while and forget what I was saying.

I think God deserves more commitment than that.  And I sure as heck could use more of Him.

I have 24 hours in a day, right?  I sleep about 8 of those (and since I know that sleep is really important, I’m going to tithe out of the time that I’m awake), so there are 16 left.  What if I committed to spending an hour of my time with God every day?

I suppose I’ll have to answer that at the end of Lent.



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