Along with Julie and Oprah

I don’t like to say that I have obsessions.  That brings up negative connotations of stalkers and “My Strange Addiction”s and unhealthy relationships with people and things.

That being said, I definitely have a great affinity for some things that I would like to share with you.  This is going to be similar to Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episode… except you won’t be getting a new fridge or anything for free, really.  Sorry bout that.  And I suppose another thing that will be different is that this is coming from a frugal college student’s perspective, not a billionaire.  (how did she even become a billionaire? that’s a lot of money.)

So, without further ado, please sing this line from The Sound of Music with me — “These are a few of my favorite things……”

You all sound just like Julie Andrews.  Way to go.

1. Noise Trade – All right, my hipster is slightly showing, but this is one of the best things since sliced bread.  (Really, what did we do before sliced bread?  Just bite off the loaf?)  Noise Trade gives away free music.  Totally legally.  Yeah, I know that you don’t believe me.  I almost didn’t believe it at first.  But it’s true.  They have tons of albums on there – and sure, some of them are people you don’t know, but it’s the best place to discover new music.  You can see who the featured artists are similar to and listen to some of their stuff before you download.  You can leave a tip if you are so inclined to help them make more beautiful music, or you can just download.  I’ve found some really great stuff on there.  (Check out The Oh Hellos, Tim Halperin, Sleeping At Last, Fiction Family, Jon McLaughlin… and more!!)

2. 7-sided nail files.  It’s a hepta-file, and it’s like giving yourself a manicure.  You can get them for like $2 at Walgreen’s-esque stores, and it will last quite a while.  Your nails will thank you.

3. CeraVe hand cream – I don’t know what I would do without this stuff in the winter.  I have the type of hands that turn purple and get as dry as stale bread in cold weather.  This stuff really helps though.  I put it on one or twice a day, and it has really helped my skin to stay hydrated and soft.  Also fairly cheap at Walgreen’s, and a tub will last you quite a long time.

4. Evernote – If you have a Mac and need some virtual notebooks in which to take notes or keep records or anything, this is the program for you.  I love it for taking notes in my classes.  It’s easy to stay organized, and I don’t actually have to buy real notebooks – yes, I am a cheapskate sometimes.  It’s available in the App store.

5. My parents.  This is the one you can’t find in a drug store or the App store.  I’m quite thankful for them.  And I’m thankful for phones that keep me in touch with them – even though I call while they’re busy at church sometimes… whoops.  I don’t even have a time difference to blame that one on.  I’ll see those folks again in 5 weeks!

6. Knee socks.  They are so underrated.  When you’re walking around in jeans (which don’t really keep you that warm) in a cold place, they keep you toasty.  My mom recently gave me a pair that go about 2/3 of the way up my legs.  Go.  Buy knee socks.  Be happy.

Now, with Julie Andrews, I conclude by singing, “When the dog bites/when the bee stings/when I’m feeling sad/I simply remembered by favorite things/and then I don’t feeeeeel soooo baaaaaaaaad!”

Happy Thursday.


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