Giving Monday a chance

Mondays can be happy, too, you know.  They can be full of coffee and tasty muffins and interesting classes.  And then you can have really nice conversations with former professors.

I did stay up too late last night, but not doing anything unpleasant.  I was baking muffins.  It’s totally normal.  And I made up for it by drinking extra coffee.

Then Jesus brought my boyfriend back to the United States safely from India, which is also a major plus.  The lines of communication have been re-opened.

I’ve decided to not ostracize Mondays, to not place them in the category of “days I expect to be awful.”  Let’s keep an open mind here, folks, and give the day a chance.

If the post office cooperates and gives me my packages from home, this day will have been totally satisfactory.

I bet Tuesday could be good too, if I gave it a chance and focused on the positives.  Huh, might be worth a try.



One thought on “Giving Monday a chance

  1. I agree!! Monday has been very sweet thus far. As a very wise friend of mine told me while I was home on break: “I make the choice to have a good day every morning. Emotions are just emotions.” :)

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