You are most welcome here.

I mean that.  You are always welcome here, on my journey.  Here, let me pull up a chair for you.  Ah, that’s better.  Cup of tea?  I still have at least 80 tea bags, so it certainly wouldn’t put me out.  Muffin?

Hospitality has taken on an entirely different meaning for me in college.  For one thing, I have much less space and much fewer resources to work with.  Well, we can sit here on my bed or the floor.  It’s pretty much one or the other.  Still, even with the limitations of a dorm room and small budget, it happens.

I’m not sure what Webster’s says the meaning of the word is, but I think it has a distinct look and flavor.  It can look like bringing out the best china for someone and pampering them in every little way possible.  But it can also look like this:

Hey, welcome to my dorm room.  I’m just making some tea, would you like a cup?

I have saltines and Greek yogurt, either of those appeal to you?  No?  Well, if you get hungry later, you can grab one.  

It’s more of a welcome-to-my-life approach, an invitation to live life with me.  These are the environments where I feel most at home and most like I’ve been invited to be myself.  And thus, these are the environments I want to create.  It may not look fancy, but the conversation will be good.  It may not be the best cuisine, but I’ll share what I have – even if it isn’t that exciting.  There may not be comfortable or adequate seating, but we can laugh about it together and make the best of it.

If you ever come to my dorm room, this will likely be the approach, unless we get a remodel and win the lottery.

And I kind of like that.


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