Quotably cold.

I’m trying to not complain about the cold, really I am.  But when it’s 3 degrees outside (and you’re fully aware that the windchill makes things worse), and you have to walk to class (granted, it’s not far), sometimes the only way to make is to walk with friends and yell “IT’S REALLY COLD!!!” all the way there.  This also applies to walking to dinner, to the gym, and the end of the brown line of the L.

Sometimes, you need to state the obvious.  It’s validating.

In case you were hoping for this, I also officially grant you permission to wear your socially-unacceptable fuzzy socks in public.  Even if they don’t match your shoes.  When it’s this cold it’s more important to keep all your toes than to be chic.

I was thinking this morning about how often I hear/see/read people quoting other people.  It’s in probably 50% of the tweets and Facebook posts I see, which isn’t necessarily bad.  I have some favorite quotes myself:

Shawn Spencer, Psych – “Gus… don’t be a gooey chocolate chip cookie.”

John Mark McMillan, musician – “Give yourself to the process. Shortcuts spin you in circles. If it were easy someone else would already be doing it. Embrace the long haul.”

Dave Barnes, musician – “I need a vacation. And when I say “need” I mean “want”, and when I say “vacation”, I mean “chocolate milkshake.””

Miroslav Volf, theologian – “It’s hard to figure out which of the things we could do truly matter; it’s even harder to summon the courage to actually do them.”

These quotes are great, really.  And I’m glad that I can credit these wonderful people with being so clever, witty, thoughtful, etc.

I’ve had some gems myself though, too. Check these out:

“The sooner you finish, the sooner you’ll get done.”  I shared this profound wisdom with my boyfriend.  He was amazed (but not really).

“Pretty sure every kiss does NOT begin with Kay… ohh… wait.  ‘Kiss’ begins with ‘k’!  Ohhh, I get it!” (Thank you to my friends who only made fun of me a little bit for that.)

I was just thinking about how we’ve sort of lost our originality.  Or maybe you haven’t, but I sometimes feel like I’m being swallowed up by a world that loves everyone else’s ideas but fails to validate their own.  We get so caught up by other people’s cleverness that we forget that we have brains and imaginations that are meant to do more than appreciate everyone else.

This might just be a post intended to make me feel better for wearing pink striped socks with flannel today.  Hey, I’m original.
And so are you.


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