Why you shouldn’t dope.

I’m sure that you wonderful people are not the ones who really need to hear this.  You probably don’t even know what doping is.  (If not, please utilize Google so that you can understand the rest of what I’m going to say)

Oh, Lance.  Mr. Armstrong, sir, you have done something bad.  I’m not just referring to the fact that it was dishonest and a bad show of character.

YOU will be the example in the health textbooks now.  When they talk about steroids and doping in health class, you will be the picture that is next to the paragraph.  Such a high profile doper as yourself will undoubtedly be the example.  And, hopefully, it discourages students from following in your footsteps.

Mr. Armstrong is just one good reason why you, dear reader, shouldn’t do steroids.  The other (and this has stuck with me from my freshman year of high school) is that if you are a lady, you might develop the capacity to grow a beard.  And you probably don’t want that.

So, dear readers, don’t use performance enhancing drugs.  Just work hard at things that Jesus has given you talents for.  It’ll turn out much better, and you won’t have to be stripped of your Tour de France titles.

I do have to say, though, that if you do dope, you should take the route Lance did.  Not the whole part about not saying anything and denying it for years, but the route of finally owning up.  He’s making things right with people now, which I do have to admire him at least a little bit for.  It takes some courage and strength to open yourself up to this much criticism and flack.

But still, don’t dope.


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