changing my mind and typing with m&ms.

I change my mind all the time.  Really, I do, which makes sense since I’m 18.  I used to dislike potatoes.  Now, real potatoes are one of the things I look forward to when I go home.  I didn’t like broccoli or cauliflower either, but after a week in Costa Rica where I was hungry most of the time (due to already being such a picky eater), it didn’t look so bad.  And, I found out, it doesn’t taste bad at all.

I know I’ve changed my mind about some bigger things than food preference in my life, but now that I’ve been assigned a paper about a time when I changed my mind, all of a sudden the memories are gone.

Seems like I’ve thought the same way for my entire life.  Huh.  How boring.

Side note: I just had to pause typing to grab my dark chocolate M&Ms, when I got inspired.  Remember that scene from The Princess Diaries where Michael’s band is practicing and the guy on keys is playing with M&Ms on his keyboard?

m&ms on keyboard

Yeah, I type (and typo) that way, at least for today.  Side note ended.

I’ve changed my mind about what (and who) I want to be a gazillion times in my life.  Maybe there’s something there.  Maybe I can write about my aspirations to be a forensic scientist (like the ones on CSI and Bones), dreams that were dashed by the fact that everything about it makes me want to throw up or pass out, minus the fact that cool evidence that convicts criminals is found.

I used to think that I was an extrovert too, but that was just because I thought that intro/extro-vertedness was defined by whether you like people or not.  If you think that, then let me be the one to help you change your mind: it’s all about where you get your energy from, being with people or being alone.  It was a simple matter of being misinformed and not wanting to be classified as a hermit.  I’m not a hermit.

But maybe, really, every time we change our mind is because we have a new piece of information that makes something about our former opinion invalid.  I suppose that is the catalyst, since there must be a catalyst.  Just like I liked milk chocolate until I tasted dark chocolate and knew the superiority (you can disagree. we can still be friends).





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