It seems like it should be pretty simple to transplant yourself from one place to another.  Really, it only requires movement of one thing.  Maybe I’m the only one, but I think transplants are rather difficult.

Let’s talk plants for a bit.  I was going to say, “picture this”, but instead I’ll use a real picture, just to make sure we have the same thing in mind.

All right, there’s your mental image: a group of black-eyed susans, flourishing in the sun.  Most of them are thriving pretty well where they are, but it’s a little crowded, so they don’t all get the sun they need.  Some aren’t doing so well.

So the gardener scoops some of them up out of the ground.  All their roots are pulled up out of the soil.  The excess soil is shaken off, and they are re-planted across the yard.  The soil feels different, and the companions aren’t the same.  There are worms on this side of the yard.  The sunshine is blinding after so long being shaded from it.

Thank goodness the gardener still comes here to water since the soil is drier.  There’s less protection over here when the wind blows, too.  But, eventually, there will be more flowers over here.  And the transplanted flowers will have deep roots and will get used to the sunshine.

Now, imagine being a flower that spends 8 months of the year one side of the yard and 4 months on the other, back and forth.  We college-aged flowers are like that, unless we live at home.

And sometimes, it’s hard to put down roots.  But you do anyways.


4 thoughts on “Transplanting

  1. Ashley, yes we adapt, but i came to the conclusion many years ago that humans do not like change.
    Livestock an adapt in less than a week.

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