When you don’t have a toothbrush.

There are those times where you are pretty certain that you have a toothbrush in your dorm… no, absolutely certain.  Because you left one there in December.  So you don’t bring your toothbrush with you to your dorm, because then you’d have two toothbrushes there and none at home, and we can’t have that, now can we?

So then you get to school and realize that you did not, in fact, leave a toothbrush there.  And you have a small moment of panic because you already don’t have your mom and dad here, and you also already took a trip to the grocery store (since a friend’s dad was nice enough to drive).  And today is the busiest day of the week, Monday.  So there probably isn’t time to go back.

And sure, the bookstore has toothbrushes, but just like everything else they sell, they ask for your soul at the checkout because money just isn’t enough.  You figure you’d rather have your soul than a toothbrush.

So you remind yourself that everything is going to be just fine, squirt toothpaste on your finger, and swallow your pride (but not the toothpaste).  It’s a temporary solution, but it’ll do all right to keep your oral hygiene routine at least partly there.

This is actually my story, not yours, in case you didn’t catch that.  And boy, am I grateful that I have toothpaste.

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