that superhero feeling.

I took a StrengthsFinder test last night so that I could compare with my boyfriend.  I expected to have a little more insight into who I am and what I’m good at naturally.

I didn’t expect to feel quite so empowered and understood.  But goodness, I feel strong (minus the annoying cough that won’t leave).

I guess that’s what happens when someone points out what you innately do well.  Now I feel much more empowered to do my laundry, make a budget, and tackle my schoolwork next week, even though those don’t directly correlate with my top five strengths.

Empowerment seems to me to be a key factor behind being and staying motivated.  Yes, you can do your laundry today.  You have what it takes.  Go for it. 

Then there’s the feeling behind my eyes that I’d rather take a nap.  Naps are another source of empowerment though, so maybe it’s just my body’s way of saying that it needs more than just the knowledge that it can. It needs a little more battery power.

My age group doesn’t like sleep for the most part.  There are always more exciting things going on than sleep, and they’re going on at the same time most people sleep.  So a great portion of the young adult population is running off of lower case ‘z’s.  I prefer the upper case ones, when I can choose to get them.  It goes along with knowing your strengths that you should know your weaknesses – in my case, getting less than 8 hours of sleep, among others.

It’s good to know your kryptonite, your Achilles heel… and your flying and x-ray vision powers.  Superman wouldn’t be so super without the full knowledge of both.

In that case, I think I just justified taking a nap.



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