Life resolutions.

And just like that, there went 2012.

I know today really is just another day, that we as residents of the world have hyped it up into significance.  But I guess I won’t complain, because any day that gives people pause to evaluate their lives again and initiate change has the potential to be great.

Last year, I resolved to always be able to see the floor of my room, that I was going to keep it clean.  I’ve only achieved this in one of my living spaces – the smaller one I share with Kathryn.  I think I made some significant strides in the area of becoming more organized though, so I’m satisfied with that.

Resolutions are good. Maybe it’s just the shift in focus that makes it effective – that even if you don’t reach your goal exactly your thinking and behavior is altered.  I was reading this morning in Matthew 6, the passage about not worrying that you won’t have what you need, but “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

That’s my resolution, to consistently seek God, His kingdom, and his righteousness FIRST.  I’m holding God to His promise, that when I seek Him first I need not worry about my life, what I will eat or drink or wear.

Maybe that’s more of a life resolution, something that I’ll continually be working to implement forever.  Jesus conquers hangups in my life, but when it comes to godly living, I think He continually renews and reshapes what the means for me.  It’s a process, a journey if you will.

He’s taking me on the journey to who He wants me to be.


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