Journey in a year.

As promised, I went through nearly all of my blog posts from the year to pick our my personal favorites to share with you.  (actually, as I write this, I’m only on July… so no promises that I’ll make it all the way through.)

It was good food for thought to read through these posts, to see how I’ve grown, to see what’s still the same.  I picked out one from every month of the year to highlight.  Take a read of some if you have a chance:

January:  “Fail”

February: “Obligatory Valentines”

March: “Really, Truly Real.”

April: “Promises, Promises.”

May: “Graduation Eve jaunt into the future.”

June: “Just in case you’re wondering what my perfect day would look like.”

honorable mention for June: the fictional tales of people on vacation, one of which is recorded here: “their stories: the cupcake place” and here: “my story: Bro-Am”.

July: “Another Friday.” 

August: “An encounter with lovely.”

September: “Future Olympic Champion, ready made.”

honorable mention for September: “Post Office Lovin.”

October: “Dear Doppelgänger” (actually my top post, views-wise, for 2012! not giving up hope that she’ll read it someday.)

November: “How to get rid of a telemarketer.”

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey through 2012.  What are your 2012 highlights?


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