Certainties for 2013.

This entire past week has felt like a series of Saturdays, partly because I’ve been home so much with my family, and my dad has been home all week.
Life is good; I can’t complain.
I’ve been looking ahead at my calendar, and I discovered something that I thought might be pertinent.
2013 is coming in three days.
Has anyone told you about that?  Did you know that this was going to happen? I’ve barely gotten over the shock that it wasn’t 2011 anymore. This year has flown by so fast that I hardly feel like it’s fair to change it already.
In the face of the unknown, it helps to think of what I know for certain. (provided that the world continues to revolve for the entire 12 months)
1) Jesus is coming to 2013 with me (and you).
2) I’ll turn 19 this year. And eat red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting that day.
3) You’ll have a birthday too. And you can come to Chicago/Minneapolis and we can eat your favorite cake if you’d like.
4) There will be sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days, snowy days, and days when I don’t like the weather.
5) I’ll probably cry at some point this year, but I’m sure I’ll smile and laugh much more.
6) God will continually show me His incredible love with the people He’s placed in my life.
7) There will still be great need for us to show God’s love to the world.
And, last but not least:
Number 8) I will still be blogging!
Happy official Saturday, everyone. What’s certain for you in 2013?

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