A time to stand up.

I was appalled when I heard the news of the shooting in Connecticut on Friday.  Disbelief was soon eclipsed by shock and grief as I learned more about how a gunman had taken the lives of so many precious people, many of them kindergarteners.

I just want to weep, thinking about the sweet, life-filled 5 and 6 year olds that I know and love.  I want to hold every child who was terrified on that day and saw things that will change their lives, and I want to tell them that that man’s actions were not okay, that the deaths of their schoolmates were not right.  But that there is hope in Jesus, in the life that he offers, in the strength and peace that He gives.

I want to do something.  It’s hard to know what exactly I can do though.  It’s not my age that holds me back, but the helplessness I feel.  What good could I do?  What do I have to offer?

My words.

Words can be cheap, flippantly chosen, ill-spelled, and wrongly used.  Today, I hope that I’m using them well.  I pray that the message I’m about to share conveys my heart and is understood rightly.

With a heavy heart, I think of those families whose lives were forever changed on Friday.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to lose a child, but the small bit of understanding I do have from the experience of losing a loved one breaks my heart.  It gives me all the more reason to pray for all those affected.

Those children’s lives were taken unjustly.  And there was a huge outcry against the evil that transpired that day, rightly so.

I can’t help but think about the children who are killed everyday, though, the ones who never had and never will have a voice.  The ones that are completely ignored by our media and shunted by society because they are considered an inconvenience.

I have this bumper sticker on my laptop, and I have for some time now.  Its message hits home even more than it did before:

Please take a minute and a half to watch this video.  Don’t write it off as unimportant.  I truly think this is worth your thoughts.

I’ve been afraid of standing up for life on here, afraid of ostracizing people who might not agree.  I’m afraid that people won’t understand that the heart of this message is not hate, is not judgment.  It’s a message of compassion, a pleading for people to see what abortion is and what it does.

It’s a plea for people to stand up for those who cannot speak in their own defense.  It may seem insensitive to post this so soon after such a huge tragedy; it may seem irreverent.  But, as Michael Spielman, founder of www.abort73.com said in his blog (after he took some heavy flack for using the shootings in Connecticut to speak out against abortion):

“The abortion industry has not taken any time off to mourn for the children who were so brutally gunned down in Connecticut. And so neither will I.”

His message is not that he doesn’t mourn for those children, but that his advocacy will not rest while the nation mourns for them.  He (and I) choose to mourn by speaking out against taking innocent lives of the unborn.

If you want to learn more about how abortion works, what the laws are, what you can do to be involved, please click the Abort73 link above.  If you read anything, read this part.  Please be informed about this.


One thought on “A time to stand up.

  1. Newtown is a tragedy that has to spark discussion about the society we live in. Along those lines, I want to share an amazing short film called “A Perfect Day” about a potential mass shooter on the morning of, and an unsuspecting stranger who opens the shooter’s eyes to the implications of what he’s about to do. Powerful stuff!

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