Reading day.

Today’s a day to get things done.  And the way you get things done is by skipping the makeup, putting on a green sweatshirt, and drawing your hair up into a bun with a red scrunchie (I just taught my computer that word).  That way you are not only being simplistic, but also Christmassy and 90s-ish (the scrunchie bit).

Today is the day I resolve to finish my work for the semester for once and for all.  Yesterday was the last day of classes, so today is the day when we all officially get cracking on finals work, even though we’ve (probably) been working on this stuff for a while.  It’s a day where we will say to Facebook, “Get away from me, Satan!  I have a paper to write!” and drink lots of the free coffee offered by the library.

Deep breaths and continuous prayers for focus are the main components of a day like this.  Breathe in: peace, motivation, positivity, Jesus, mad paper-writing skills, coffee. Exhale: stress, discouraging thoughts, distractions, and lack of sleep.

As a freshman and a person that gets distracted easily, I can’t offer too many valuable tips for finals week.  However, my few suggestions include:

  • listen to the Downton Abbey soundtrack on Spotify while you write your papers.
  • If you have flashcards to go through, listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack while you tackle them on an online study tool like Quizlet or StudyBlue.  It makes the process significantly more intense and satisfying.
  • When you make significant progress, reward yourself with food.  Doesn’t matter what the nutritionists say about not using food as a reward (at least, not during finals week).  Use it.  It works.
  • Don’t stay up til 4 am if you can help it.
  • Remind your friends to take deep breaths too.

And if you are one of those lucky people who doesn’t have to participate in finals week ever again, please send someone you love a care package/text of love/hug/letter/etc.  It’s the small joys that make a real difference this week.

And, now, back to work.


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