The best kind of ridiculous.

Two things before we talk about how weird this one little phrase is:

1. It’s raining in Chicago, not snowing, and this is making a trip to MN – where there is snow aplenty – even more attractive.

2. Thank you to all you wonderful people who read this.  And share it.  I’m amazed to say that Journey to Who I Want to be will probably hit 10,000 views in the next couple days!  Thanks for journeying with me… and Jesus, because He travels with me, as you know.

Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous than these two words, combined together: Newborn king.  It’s okay, we can say it’s ridiculous, even though it refers to Jesus.  I think He did that on purpose, flipping the order of the way things normally go on its head when He came to earth. It wasn’t just a trip to see how things were down here, you know.  Looks good, guys, I’m going back to Heaven now.

But, for real, isn’t that WEIRD? Newborn king.  Jesus was king FROM BIRTH.

As a little baby lying in a feeding trough, Jesus was beginning His reign.  From the very start, He was initiating the coming of the kingdom of God.  I find that wonderfully absurd.  I bet Herod can’t say he was king from birth, even if he was next in line for the throne.  He wasn’t ON the throne from birth.  No baby is capable of that.

Well, no baby except the Son of God.

The choir at my church was singing about that this morning.  “Hark!  The herald angels sing, ‘Glory to the newborn king, peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled.'”

All from a baby.  Which makes little sense – even when you’ve grown up seeing little nativity scenes your whole life and known that the little baby is God (because He has a halo) – because babies aren’t kings.  Jesus’ mission of peace on earth, mercy mild, and reconciling God and sinners started from birth.

Isn’t is amazing how God keeps doing things exactly the opposite of how we’d expect him to?  Many of the Jewish people expected a man (not a baby boy) to come to conquer the Romans by force or by might.  We wouldn’t expect the God who created all things and directs the angel armies to be born of a common, teenage girl in a stable (yucky place).  And we certainly wouldn’t expect Him to humble Himself to the point of a death as a criminal.

It’s all ridiculous.  The best kind of ridiculous that there is.


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