Instagram Saturday.

Today was supposed to be paper productive.

Well, I have an additional page written.  That’s about it, but it’s at least some progress.  Instead of writing our papers, my pen pal, Liesel, and I discovered a great coffee shop on Michigan Ave that is NOT a Starbucks.

Welcome to Cafe Descartes.  Paintings of philosophers line the walls, and they serve some really great coffee to stimulate your conversation.  You can buy t-shirts there that say “I drink, therefore I am.”

We’ll definitely be back.

And Chipotle (our intended lunching place) just so happened to be right across the street.  So, we had our very first burrito bowls.  Going out on a limb and trying a burrito bowl for the first time may not seem like a very big step outside of the ordinary, but it was a big jump for me.  I usually get the exact same thing every time I go to Chipotle – a quesadilla, side of guac, side of pico de gallo, water with lemons in it.

It’s a small step.  But who says that every new thing you do has to be a leap away from normal?  Maybe the next new thing I try will be just a little more out of the ordinary.  A little farther out on the limb.  Just like in What About Bob?, I’m taking baby steps out of my comfort zone.

A burrito bowl is one of those steps…  [and, no, it didn’t have any meat in it, for those of you who know my picky habits and are wondering exactly how adventurous I was.  No meat.  That won’t be happening any time soon – actually, not ever I’m pretty sure.]

I’ll just keep inching out on the limb til I’m ready to spread me wings and fly away.  (I also need to grow wings in the meantime.)

What new things have you done this week?  I think every little thing is significant.

Just like buying a cupcake from a cupcake truck for the first time.

I’m pretty sure that life doesn’t get much more exciting than portable cupcake sellers.  Plus, this one had cream cheese frosting on it, so that made it even better.

It’s a happy Saturday.

Now I think I’ll write another page now.


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