Pep talks.

Having an excess of half and half isn’t really a bad thing at all.  It’s actually kind of nice, especially when blackberries go on sale for $.99 at Jewel, so you can eat fruit in half and half.  Then you mush up the fruit and drink the blackberry saturated creamy stuff.

Not a bad thing at all.

I’ve been trying to convince myself all day to work on my final paper for Bible.  It’s been a struggle.  So far, I’ve convinced myself to vacuum, empty the vacuum of all of its nasty stuff, do two loads on laundry, and write a letter.  I haven’t been able to make myself pick up this book that I need to finish or to write a paper based on its chapters.

I know I can do it.  I don’t doubt that.  Somehow, the drive to do it has been a little lacking today.  However, this is the absolute last thing that I need to do in my first semester of college, so I’m going to give myself a pep talk.

I’m sorry that you have to witness this.

Come on, Ashley.  It’s just a twelve page paper.  

I mean, if you divide it up based on topic, it’s pretty much just two six page papers.  And you’ve already written a whole paragraph!  You don’t have that much to do.  

Sure, that book is dry and repetitive, but it’s about the BIBLE.  You know it will come in handy later… like say, when you’re writing that paper!  

You don’t have any cleaning to do – you already did that.  

You don’t have any reason to spend any more time on Facebook or Twitter.  I’m pretty sure all of the people connected with you on there could recreate your entire life from the past few months, minus a few bad meals at ARA.  

You just need to sit your butt down in a chair somewhere, and finish the book.  Here, we’ll take it in steps.

Step 1: Finish the book.  Annotate it.  Mark it up, and get it done.

Step 2: Write the rest of the first half of your paper.  Just 5 and a half more pages.  You can do it.

Step 3: Research Ephesians 5:10-17.  Get some commentaries, a Bible dictionary, and a cup of coffee, and just do it.  You have no reason to shy away from this task.  HECK, the passage is about taking up the armor of God! Tackle that thing head on!

Thank you for being here.  On that note, I will obey my own pep talk.


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