the joy of risotto.

Sometimes, in the time where I’m staring off into space and waiting for my coffee to kick in and start my heart, I think of a really good blog post idea.  (well, at least it seems good at the time)

Then my mind gets going and completely forgets what that brilliant idea was.

So apologize if I withheld brilliance from you by drinking coffee.  Actually, I’m not sure I should ever apologize for drinking coffee. Maybe I’m not sorry at all.

This was one of those mornings where I got one sock on, got distracted by an incoming email, waited five minutes, put the other one on. Then I realized I was still wearing my flannel pajama pants with my nice sweater.

Maybe this a day when brilliance won’t be striking.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful people to write about.  The one who tops the list today is the my personal hero of the hour.  I’ve complained enough about ARA food and how hard it is to be a vegetarian in a place where the food for omnivores isn’t even good, so you know that I don’t typically enjoy the ARA.

Centerstage  is a place in the ARA where specialty dishes are made-to-order, different dishes depending on the day.  So if the dish is burritos (usually with fake or questionable meat), you walk up to the line, point to all the things you want on it, and the nice people behind the counter make it.

It works pretty well if you eat normal food.

Keeping that  in mind, read the following letter:

Dear Man who works Centerstage on Thursdays,

I didn’t like the ARA before you, and I wouldn’t like it without you.  You and the sandwich lady make the only food worth consuming in there (unless we’re counting raw fruit, which God made, so it’s good unless man has bruised it).  I came into the ARA today without much hope that there would be anything edible other than my normal sandwich (ciabatta bread, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheddar cheese….  the sandwich lady knows it so well that we can talk about things other than sandwich ingredient.  Did you know she’s a huge Liam Neesen fan?  I do.), but you changed all of that.

You made risotto.

You made it good.

You flipped the veggies around in the pan like the pro that you are and added garlic (GARLIC!) and other things – I have no idea what they were, but they made it taste incredible.

You made more than risotto.  You made my day.

Thank you,


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