What in the world did we do before emoticons?  How did you convey sarcasm or gentle teasing in a written message without a colon-parenthesis combo to lighten things up a bit?  How did anyone know that you were crying while writing a message unless you did the colon-apostrophe-parenthesis combo?

I’m guessing intuition was a little sharper and miscommunication a bit more common.

There is a daily prompt for bloggers on WordPress, and today I’m going to use it.  It’s actually something I was thinking about earlier:


Where do you go when things get to be too much?  What does your sanctuary look like?

Depending on what the stressors are, my oasis looks different.  Currently, the stressors look something like twelve page papers, presentations, and dry reading that must get done.  And the fact that college isn’t the ideal place to be an introvert since you live in constant community.

So today my oasis is here, actually.  In my mind, I’m on a beach on a deserted island (but someone is coming in a boat to pick me up before it gets dark, I have snacks, and there are no wild animals to freak me out… or little boys to become like animals and kill me) with my iPod in hand, toes in the water, and plenty of material to read and write with.  In reality, I’m just sitting on my bed, with Jesus Culture piping into my ears, blogging.

It really is a getaway.  I’m here, sort of with you, but I get to monologue here.  I know myself to be a commentator on life, nearly constantly, and there’s no one here to stop me.  I can explore my thoughts, ask questions, be a little bit random, and postulate.  I’m not getting a grade, no one can interrupt me until I’m finished, and I have a delete button to get rid of anything that doesn’t communicate exactly what I want it to.

Welcome to my oasis.  Ideally, I’d be in a room with painted walls, a room that only I have a key to.  But at least Bunny is here with me and I have brownies within arm’s reach.



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