When you get delayed.

Sometimes it’s someone else’s fault that you get delayed. And sometimes you can only blame yourself. In this case, it is best to not punish yourself for the mistake. Rather, it might be a good idea to buy yourself another cup of coffee, remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and you’re only 18, and just roll with it.
Yeah, I went to the wrong track at Union Station. Meanwhile, the train I wanted to be on was departing on the other side of the building.
Even the best laid plans fail sometimes. Especially when it includes public transportation.
So I’ll be here, on this bench til about 8:35.
Usually when this kind of thing happens I realize that it was actually helpful later. Like maybe it will keep me from making the same mistake next time. Or maybe I’ll learn something helpful in the next 25 minutes of being here that will save my life in a few months. We’ll see.
Right now, I’m really thankful for this bench. And my scarf since it’s breezy in here. And the ticket in my pocket that will get me where I want to go. I’m thankful that Jesus travels with me, even when I delay myself.
It’s Friday morning, and I’m at Union Station. We’ve talked about how I used to always get stuck behind trains when driving. And eventually seeing trains became a reminder to me to be patient, that the train has an end, that sometimes waiting is good. I’d forgotten that since trains are so commonplace for me now, and I’m now the one on the train, making other people wait.
Patience. Trains. Right. Still relevant.

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