On finals.

Here’s a little poem about finals:

They’re coming soon.

No need to wait.

Study hard,

Don’t procrastinate.

A few more weeks

of papers and tests,

then it will end,

and we can all rest.

That’s the best I could do right now.I hope that encourages you to work hard if you have finals, knowing that the end and your reward is in sight.

The people who made Christmas break a month long for college students were so smart.  It’s just enough time to get rid of the feeling of burnout and to rejuvenate. I’ve always loved Christmas and looked forward to it, but this year it is even more attractive to me.  Not only does school halt completely for those four weeks – no classwork at all, since there’s no carryover from semester to semester -, but I’ll get to be home.  And there will be snow (please, Jesus!) and twinkly lights.

There will be familiarity.  And family.

But, anyways, back to today.  Today got off to a good start because

1. Kathryn and I figured out how to control the heater in our room so that it won’t feel like a sauna in here.  That is a definite plus.

2. Because it’s no longer a sauna in here, I can stop wearing my summery pajamas and wear my cozy flannel pants.  It’s like immediate happiness when I put those on.

3. There was coffee.  Nuff said.

4. Christmas music is playing.

5. Jesus still cares about the little things.

And now, back to hard work.  Finals are temporary.  So are the snack breaks that I’ll take to help me get through to the end.

Onward, dear friends.

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