How to get rid of a telemarketer.

I get it.  You’re all busy people with life to live.  You have better things to do than to listen to someone ask you for money, support for a political candidate, or for someone who doesn’t live at your house.  I’m sure you’d rather just have your friends and family call you.  Or people who want to give you money or support.

I get that. I’m the same way.

However, I’m also the person who frequently gets the short end of the stick in these matters.  Caller ID is a fabulous tool, but I implore you to not use it to figure out which numbers to pick-up/hang-up on. (If you aren’t familiar with the pick-up/hang-up tactic, then you’re going to have to go somewhere else to learn about it.  I’m not about to teach that.)

Sometimes I just want to say to people: I understand how much you don’t want me to call you.  I get that you aren’t really willing to have a chat with me right now.  But hanging up on me or just not picking up – even though we’ve called you ten times – is far from the right way to get rid of me.

It’s true.  For one thing, I’m a human being.  I’m just a human.  I’m a student who works this job partly because I like it a lot (minus the people who are less than kind) and partly because I needed a job.  That’s most people’s case: they’re just human beings who needed employment.  They’re doing their best.  Probably… So don’t hang up.  Even if hanging up on me did work to get rid of me, it would dampen my spirits a bit.

Plus, that’s just not a nice way to treat people.

I don’t know if this is consistent with other callers, but at my job, we have to keep calling until we get a hold of you.  For almost every segment, that means that we need a yes or no.  Picking up and hanging up won’t take you off of the call list.

Here’s a more appropriate response to a person that has a message that you aren’t interested in accepting:

Step 1: Friendly hello.  When they ask you how you are, respond and ASK THEM. Trust me, you’ll be in the minority of people.

Step 2: Listen.  Hear them out.  Don’t do the cut off thing.

Step 3: Politely decline.  Put some real regret in your voice.  Give a good reason why you don’t want to.  (make it true too.)

Step 4: Ask if they would mind taking you off of their call list (if you don’t want to be called again, that is).

Step 5: Wish them a nice evening and good luck with their other calls.

You will have been Jesus to that person, undoubtedly.  It would be even nicer of you to donate/do what they ask, but that’s not always possible or good.

I hope this is helpful.  It seems like the world at large needs to hear this message.

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