lights and reminders

Every now and then, you find yourself downtown in Chicago with masses of other people who also wanted to see Michigan Avenue in all of its lighted glory as a way to usher in the holiday season.  It’s not as though Chicago is ever devoid of people, but when I say masses, I mean hold hands, girls, or we’re going to lose each other in this crowd.

Through these experiences, you find yourself noticing that people are messy, as indicated by the amounts of garbage on the streets after the parade and tree lighting.  When a group of people (who we found out later didn’t speak English and might not have understood that what they were doing is considered poor etiquette) stand right in your line of view and women with small children get feisty, it sometimes gives you pause to look at yourself and what you care about, what drives you to action.

Today, I need to remind myself what’s important to me.  I need to remember what I care about, what I stand for, and what takes priority.  And then I need to act like it.  I need to remind myself that love is high on my priority list, that people matter more than things, that I’m in school in order to learn – and that learning requires homework and diligence in reading and such -, and that, more than anything, I want what God wants for me.

And I need to remember that it shows in the little things I do.  In the small responses.  In the seemingly insignificant encounters.

So, maybe this post is more to remind me of what I want to be, to remind myself where I think God is telling me to journey.

Either way, that’s what’s up today.


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