Snowfall, sort of.

Couple things you need to know before I get going:

1. This is post number 302, which is a prompt to me to thank you so very much for reading.  Maybe you go way back to July 2011, when this puppy got going.  Or maybe you started reading yesterday.  Or maybe you’re in and out.  Either way, I’m glad you’re here, and I so appreciate you.

2. It snowed last night.

There aren’t any traces of snow left, as far as I can see out my dorm window.  Granted, I lifted up the shades like 6 inches to check.  But I’m guessing that it didn’t stick since the weather is now headed towards 40 degrees for today.  In six months, this will seem like shorts weather.  But right now it’s use-extra-lotion and don’t-forget-the-mittens weather.

Facebook was my indication that snow was happening last night.  Thank goodness for social media.  I was writing a paper after work, taking breaks to check facebook after each section (I’m a kinesthetic learner, apparently we need study breaks… also a social media junkie).  As soon as the first post indicated flurries, Kathryn and I dropped what we were doing and each clambered to our windows to see for ourselves.

It wasn’t much, and at first, we both tried to act like we were annoyed by it, but the little excited children inside of us won out.  I played Snowfall by the Manhattan Transfer, and we got back to our homework.

In that moment, I got a little bit more homesick. My favorite place to be when it’s snowing is either outside (but only if it’s not windy) in a place where there are some twinkle lights and hopefully somebody to enjoy the flakes with OR in my living room, with all the lights but the Christmas tree ones off.  The soundtrack is the same as the one I played for Kathryn and myself.  And there are likely smells leftover from cookie-baking earlier in the day.

Winter before Christmas is more bearable because of moments like these, little snows that make Christmas and a month to spend at home a little bit closer.  We’ll save talking about winter after Christmas until then.

Oh, snow.  It takes me home.


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