Your Sunday.

There are days when the wind blows your hair dry because there’s a wind advisory and 30 mph winds, but that isn’t going to keep you from walking to church.  Those same days are the ones where you are reminded why you don’t blow-dry your hair.

Then you go to church, where the message was, again, intended only for you (or so it seems) and you wonder why everyone else came.  But you’re really glad that they’re there because then it won’t be as obvious when you tear up at the end of the message – like you do most weeks.

Then you eat lunch… if that’s what you could call it.  And you wonder why someone would cook potatoes with onion and green pepper when it’s for brunch.  So you eat a little bit and try to just ignore the strange flavors.

Then you get back to your dorm and see the sugar that you spilled as you made coffee this morning.  And you see your full hamper of laundry.  So you go to the vending machines to change dollar bills for quarters and take care of business.  Sugar is cleaned up, and dishes get washed.

Or maybe that’s just what happens to me on this fine Sunday.

I’m still amazed at how God reenforces themes in my life.  Remember when I blogged late last night?  Remember that whole, “seek God first” thing?  Well, not twelve hours later, the message at church spoke to a similar theme.  If it wasn’t apparent that this is something that I need to learn, I’m fairly sure it is now.  Pay attention to the things that pop up over and over again in your life.  They just might be significant.  Unless it’s acne or something.  That might just be adolescence.

And now, homework and works calls (actually work calls pretty literally, or rather, asks me to call).


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