Enter Title Here.

I love days without classes.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I mean, it’s no cruise to the Caribbean (what my parents will soon be doing to celebrate their 25th anniversary – yay, Mom and Dad!), but it’s nice to be able to wake up an hour later than normal and just have plenty of time to get things done.

I’ve decided that making a list of the top five songs to get you through to Friday might be nice.  Hopefully by making a spotify playlist with a few of these you’ll be energized to get going for Friday.

It’s the kind of day where you might need five good songs to get you motivated to tackle Friday and take the stairs.  

1. Are You Ready? – Three Days Grace  — I am not totally sure what exactly they’re asking what you’re ready for, but we can just say that they’re asking if you’re ready to tackle Friday, to which you must answer a resounding, “YES!” *fist thrust into air*

2. Ho Hey – The Lumineers — If you’re anything like me, it’ll just make you happy.  And happy is a good attitude with which to start a Friday.

3. Under the Floor – Switchfoot — You knew there had to be something from these fabulous guys coming.  Just listen and hear the lyrics.  Such good reminders, and also just great music.

4. Bruises – Train (Feat. Ashley Monroe) — It’s peppy and reminds you that the hardships of the week give you something to talk about over the weekend, a way to relate to people.  We’ve all got bruises!

5. Awake My Soul – Mumford & Sons — Just close your eyes and listen to this one.

I find it kinda funny that I wake up with my idea of what a day holds, but I really can’t put a title on the day until the end of it.  That’s how my blog posts are, too.  I have to figure out what I’m saying before I can figure out what to call it.

You know when people ask you to tell them about yourself?  Isn’t that hard?  Well, you see, I’m not me yet, so I can’t really tell you.  Maybe you are already you.  I guess if you’re over 25, then your brain is pretty much all developed.  What’s that like?  I’m still on that journey.

And if you can’t tell by the spastic nature of these posts, all the hopping around from topic to topic that loosely tie together, that journey includes a lot of coffee.  And music.

Happy Thursday, folks.



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