oh, the little things.

I know I should be in the library, working on my paper and speech.  I know that. You don’t need to tell me.  And I promise that I’m going.

Right after I finish this blog post.

It really is an investment in my future.  And I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that my 108 tea bags arrived safely and on-time today.  I’m celebrating by drinking tea out of my “Keep Calm and Rule Britannia” mug.

And writing a paper.

And a speech.


I’m convinced that God cares about the little things in life, like class scheduling and whether or not there are edible apples in the cafeteria. I think He cares about the fact that I had a cold, and I think that He cares about my relational struggles.  And I’m pretty sure that when I have awkward interactions with people that include almost running into them, He isn’t just sitting there, apathetically.

I’m pretty sure that He cares about all that.

Now, on the flip side of all of that are the little things that I think God cares about that I should be doing. I should be showing kindness to each person I have the opportunity to show kindness to.  I sometimes skip people.  That’s a little thing I should probably do better.  I think He cares about my faithfulness to being truthful.  And gracious.  And I think He cares about those little thoughts in my head that are sort of destructive.

I think the “little things” goes both ways.  He’s compassionate when I have a little emotional problem.  And He’s also pleased when I’m faithful to live like Jesus in the little things, in the daily, in the mundane.

That’s where life is lived: in the mundane and routine.  If I’m going to wait for a special occasion to be faithful… well, then I’m not faithful at all, am I?

These are the thoughts that are driving me to write a little paper faithfully.  And a little speech.  Because they will eventually help me get a little degree that will help me to do whatever it is that God wants me to do.

All right, library time.

2 thoughts on “oh, the little things.

  1. Good morning: Hope your time at the Library was good and productive. This is a good reminder for us all. Thank-you Ashley. Have a good Thursday.

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