Apparition and changing the time.

I had a slight panic this morning when I woke up in my dorm.  My roommate was just getting up (the catalyst to my waking up) but the clock by my head said about 8:00.  I mean, it wasn’t a big panic since I don’t have class until 9:15, and it’s no-makeup November.  The real panic was in thinking that my alarm had failed me or that I had slept through it. The thought process went something like this: oh, no.  Now I’m sleeping through my alarms.  I’m going to have to get rid of my nice, musical, gradually increasing in volume alarm and use an annoying beeping one.  Shoot.  Wait.  Wait.  Kathryn was going to cycling class this morning, right?  So that means it’s almost 7:00, not 8.  hmm…………… OH!!! 

You can guess what the OH was referring to, I’m sure.  That happened while I was in Michigan, so the little white alarm clock (that isn’t actually used for an alarm, just a clock) sitting in the fridge by my bed wasn’t on the right time.

Thank you, Jesus, that I didn’t really need to panic.  I haven’t yet had a morning where I overslept, so I’m quite thankful for that.

I was changing my clock to reflect DST and wondering what would happen if I just decided that it was 3:30 in the afternoon right now.  What if I decided that I was going to live my life on an alternative time clock?

Well, I probably would fail my classes, get fired from my job for missing shifts and showing up in the middle of the night instead, and wouldn’t have any friends.

Needless to say, I decided to conform to the Central time.

I was reading in Acts this morning, and I came across the story of Philip and the eunuch.  That’s a great story because the eunuch is saved and baptized all in the same interaction.  But then it gets even better when Philip DISAPPEARS and reappears miles away.

It sounds like I just added that in to spice up the story, right?  But I didn’t.  Because that is actually in the story.  The thing that puzzles me about it is that it doesn’t mention how Philip felt about the whole miraculous travel situation.

I wonder if he was confused to all of a sudden find himself in another city. I wonder if he knew where he was or if he had to ask around.  Did he have advance notice? Did he just immediately show up in the other city, or did he slide down a tunnel of rainbows and glitter on his way there?  Did he startle anyone there by simple appearing in their presence?

Oh, the questions that plague us.


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