lost posts, journeys, and thankfulness – a scatterbrained Friday post.

I think of some of my best best blog topics late at night, when I’m about to fall asleep.  It’s that stage of sleep where I know if I reach over to the pen and paper I keep by my bed (for such occasions as that), I will have to go through the whole process of settling down and starting to lose consciousness all over again.  So, I don’t write them down.  I just think them through a couple times and think, I’ll remember.  It’s too good to not remember.

Next morning, I wake up and have completely forgotten.

So, I mourn the loss of a great thought process and the loss of an exciting blog post.  It makes me value my brain more than usual, thinking that I have lost those thoughts and connections, perhaps forever.  Because maybe no one else has thought of that before, and I just let it slip through my fingers!

Next time that happens, I’ll write it down. I promise.  I really do.

Today is an exciting day because I get to ride a Greyhound bus (not the exciting part) to see my sister in Holland, MI (obviously the exciting part).  It’s exciting because I get to take her chocolate (whoops, spoiler alert, Brookie) and hug her and stay in her HOUSE.  We’ll eat real food and have good conversation and catchup time and go see Nykerk (a Hope College theatre tradition) together.

(Can you tell that I love parentheses?  This is how I talk, too, with parenthetical statements galore. It’s probably confusing.)

Just to add to the scatterbrained nature of this post, let’s talk about all the things I have to be thankful for today.

1. the aforementioned REUNION.

2. sunshine.  I know she’s going to be going into hibernation eventually, so I’m cherishing the beams while they’re here.

3. my lovely hall mate, Mel, who is turning 19 today! Hooray, Mel!

4. feeling much better than I was last night, when a sore throat and fatigue threatened my journey today.  Jesus used lots of sleep and throat drops and water and tea to start restoring my health and energy! (also, Gevalia coffee.)

Happy Friday and blessings to you fabulous people.



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