Exceeds Expectations.


Whenever I shop at Jewel-Osco, the cashier gives me a receipt, and she tells me to fill out the survey.  So I do, because there’s a small chance that I’ll be the lucky winner of $100 of groceries.  The survey has you rate each department you visit and the overall atmosphere, etc, from a scale of ‘not meeting my expectations’ to ‘exceeds expectations.’

I would have to say that this life has exceeded my expectations.  Most everything I expected to be or do hasn’t happened.  And things that I never would have thought of in my wildest dreams have walked right into my life.

God throws the best surprise parties, and it seems to me that my life is one.  Opportunities and people and trials and victories are just thrown my way.

THE CONS: Today I’m pretty tired, feeling like my dinner didn’t sit too well with me, and thinking that I have quite a bit of reading looming over my head.  The heater is making my room swelteringly hot, so I have to open the window to counteract that.  I’m missing some of my people from home pretty dearly right now, and I have questions about how the future is going to play out.

The weather is getting bone-chilling cold with winds coming from Sandy that are pretty powerful.  I’m getting a sore throat and trying to combat any sickness that might be trying to worm its way into my system.

THE PROS: I have a weekend with my sister to look forward to.  Jesus continues to surprise me with great encounters every day.  My roommate and I are having a good time living in the same 15×12 foot space.  I have employment.  And I know that the future holds good as long as I follow what Jesus tells me – and I’m pretty sure that if I get it wrong He can make it right.

My rating of my little life here exceeds my expectations.  And I’m sure it will continue to since I still can’t figure Jesus out completely.

2 thoughts on “Exceeds Expectations.

  1. I will be praying that God heals your sore throat and it does not go any further. Thanks, even when you are not feeling well, for encouraging us. God is so good all the time. Love you.

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