Today was supposed to be one of those days where you fly from one thing to another and barely have time to eat and end up feeling completely worn out and burnt out and used by the end of the day.

So far today, however, I’ve gotten out of a class early and gained an extra hour and a half that I thought I needed to be at work.  Turns out someone got sick so the calling segment became optional.

I’m telling you, God cares about the things that make you want to pull all your hair out over.  I woke up this morning with little hope that the day would be much more than stressing and tiring.  But I have extra time to do my work, AND there’s cookie dough in my refrigerator.

Now, this will just be an abbreviated post since I’m going to use the time I’ve been granted to do some work.  And I’m sure that your Monday is busy too.  I just had to take note of God’s goodness, of the evidence that He takes care of me.

Thank you, Jesus.  Now, where’s that cookie dough?

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