Nomenclature, for a change.

Did you know that the first meteorologist to use proper names for hurricanes used the names of public figures he didn’t like? Then the military during World War II started naming the storms to honor their wives and girlfriends at home.
Wow, how honoring. To have a storm named after you.
I would have to say that I’m glad that feminists took offense so that we have equality in how hurricanes are named.
I was just wondering about why we personalize hurricanes this afternoon while I was doing my homework. So, the History Channel website helped me out.

Funny things happen when you don’t eat dinner.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I can’t seem to ever skip a meal without feeling the effects quite a lot.  Today, dinner didn’t happen.  Chips and salsa and 4:00 and a muffin (I’ve still got some, Mom!) happened.  Stick-a-granola-bar-in-your-purse-as-you-get-on-the-bus-to-go-learn-how-to-repair -bicycles happened.  When that is the evening meal, staying awake on the train ride home after the bicycle repair workshop is hard.  Also, your stomach growls.  And you wonder if you seem like a friendly person or like a grizzly bear.

Then, again, this might just be me.

Despite your hunger on the way home from the L stop, and despite the fact that the cold wind makes you feel über sleepy and unhappy, then you look up and see that the clouds at night are really pretty.  We don’t see the stars here in Chicago, so pretty nighttime clouds are about as good as it gets.

And that reminds you of the verse: “When I consider the heavens, the works of your hands… Who is man that you are mindful of him?”

And all of a sudden, the hunger feels very small.  And you (again, or maybe just me) feel very small.  Very small and thankful.

Thankful that there is cereal back in your dorm.  Thankful that you have warm footie pajamas and a stuffed bunny to cuddle with.  Thankful for the employment and musical endeavors and classes that will keep you busy all day tomorrow.  Thankful for friends who keep in touch.

Thankful that I am not out of God’s sight.  I haven’t slipped under cloud cover or run out of His line of vision.  He’s not just watching me but walking with me.  I hope I never lose awe at that truth.

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