It’s Friday again?

Have you ever looked back on your week and thought what in the world did I do this week?

That’s what I’m doing today.  It’s Friday, which sneaked up on me, and I can’t remember how I spent my week.  I mean, I know I went to all of my classes, did some homework, walked 5 miles to go to Target (that’s roundtrip, not one-way, just to be clear), and I worked as well.

I’m not really sure how I got to Friday.  All I know is that this has been the fastest week I’ve had in a long time.

Other things on my mind: Would it really be that bad to just wear my pajamas to my first class? Also, why did I eat so many goldfish last night? I just bought those on Wednesday.  Who knew there was such a big difference between dried mango and freeze-dried mango?  And, last but not least, is fall almost over?

We’d been having fall weather here for a while, but then these two beautiful, high-of-75 days came out of no where this week.  I got all excited and pulled out my lone summery dress that I didn’t take home yet.  Then the temperature plunged last night and has me thinking that perhaps we’ll go straight from Indian summer to winter.

I know you probably aren’t that interested in the weather here, but I just think it’s so funny.  The seasons are set to start on certain dates, but in case you haven’t noticed, they never, ever actually follow that.  The calendar says that we’re supposed to have spring, then summer, then fall, then winter.  But – at least in the midwest – most years the progression starts with winter, winter, then a short bout of spring, about 4 months of summer, a month of fall, a little Indian summer just to throw everyone off and confuse us about what we’re supposed to wear, then back to the bitterly cold winter.

There are so many parallels to life in nature.  When you learn the seasons in kindergarten, you learn that there are four of them.  They come sequentially and have songs to go along with them.  Certain months are assigned certain images.  When school starts, leaves and apples are the decor of your classroom.  Then you move on to snowflakes, then hearts (because apparently Valentine’s Day also has a season), then Shamrocks and flowers.

Everything just gets more complex after kindergarten.

Indian summer throws everything off, and long winters make me cry sometimes.  But a surprise warm day is always welcome – even if it makes the transition to colder weather harder.  And long winters… well they’re not always welcome, but I’m much more thankful for spring because of it.

I bet I don’t need to draw out the parallels to life for you.


But in case you haven’t heard about my plan, you should go to yesterday’s post. I could use your help.

4 thoughts on “It’s Friday again?

  1. Good morning Ashley and Happy Friday: These are a lot of questions I ask too, even though I have lived in Minnesota all of my life. It is very, very cold here and we had mixed rain/snow yesterday. Can we at least have a fall until Thanksgiving? The only thing that I differ with you is it being Friday so soon. I just said to someone it seems like this week has dragged, but we are slow at work here also, so that does not help. But, thankful to God that I have a job and am so blessed. Last night I even thanked God again for my wonderful bed because some people are sleeping on the street. Hope your days is good and have a great weekend.

    • I think the weather contributes to the early Christmas music and such. We just get all confused! You’re right; there is so much to be thankful for! Happy weekend!

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