The Plan.

I’m starting to wonder if perhaps my alleged resemblance to Taylor Swift is not just a coincidence.  I wonder if this is supposed to serve a purpose in my life other than teaching me how to graciously accept the same comment over and over again.

Or maybe, just maybe there’s something else.  Maybe I’m meant to write her biography like I suggested to her yesterday in this letter!

In all seriousness, I just wonder if perhaps this is something more significant than an uncanny resemblance.  I mean, we have the same build, are within an inch of each other’s height, have almost the same faces.  I mean, people don’t usually airbrush pictures of me since they aren’t going in magazines, but from what I can see we look fairly similar.

So, I’ve decided that I want to do everything in my power to get her to see that letter and acknowledge it.  And I would like to humbly request your assistance.  We all know that social networking has the power to spread ideas.  How many times have you seen a picture of Jesus on facebook that guilt trips you into liking it, one that’s been shared over and over and over again?  How many strange youtube videos have you seen, wondering how exactly they reached their level of notoriety?  I believe in the power of social networking to get a message across.

If you are interested in helping me on my mission, choose from the following options (or do both of them!)

NUMBER 1: If you have a twitter, follow me (@write_and_seek) and find one of the two tweets I have sent to Ms. Swift in the past two days.  Retweet them.

NUMBER 2: If you have facebook, you can share my “Dear Doppelganger” post.  Simply go to the post on my homepage (if you’ve gotten here, you can probably find it), scroll to the bottom of the post, and click the button that says “facebook.”  You’ll be directed to a page where you can add a couple comments about it, then it will be shared with your friends!

We’ll start here and see what happens.

What if I actually meet her?  What do you say to someone that you feel like you already know and identify with?  How do you start a conversation with such a person?

Hi. *awkward laugh* wow, this is weird.  I feel like I’m looking at a better-dressed, more lip-sticked version of myself.  *another awkward laugh* but you have a better paycheck, ha ha.  *start sweating* Do you think we look alike?  No?  Oh, well that’s weird.  I guess all those people were wrong.  Well, this has been nice.  Not really sure what we just accomplished, but it was nice to meet you.  *awkwarder laugh*

I guess we’ll just cross that bridge if we get there.  Are you in?  I hope so.

5 thoughts on “The Plan.

  1. I have an idea! I think you should send your link and pictures to someone like Ellen. Someone who will unite/introduce the two of you. Leave it open to them on how they want to take action -assuming they do. I think Ellen would come up with something uber-creative. Or someone like her… I’m at a loss. Maybe Jimmy Fallon? You need a person to fill the role of comedic-intervention-introduction-instigator. Right? Do that! :)

    • Kim, I actually started doing that yesterday. No joke! I went on the page to email Ellen, but then I second-guessed myself. I couldn’t think of anyone else to contact since I’m so out of the pop culture/talk show club.
      I’ll have to think through what I’d tell her. I’ll keep you posted if I do contact her though! Thanks for all the encouragement. :)
      Maybe I’ll start the biography this weekend ;)

      • Awesome! I’m a bit out of the loop, too. I think she’s a best bet. I hit her website for the first time yesterday intending to search out something-or-other for you but got distracted… by her website. :) I think that’ll be a great start!

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