Just so natural.

It’s a rainy day in Chicago.  It’s overcast and drizzling all over the 60625 zip code, and I love it.

For once, the water hasn’t magically dried up when I put my rain boots on.  They were actually useful this morning.  The rain makes all the red brick on campus take on a different, brighter hue, and millions of golden yellow leaves are sticking to the sidewalk all over campus.  There’s a slight chill in the air, but it’s not enough to need a coat – just a cozy scarf.

It’s even better from here in Beijo, with my cup of coffee and complementary donut within arm’s reach.  The whole place is decked out with fall decorations, so obviously that makes me thrilled to come in here at Christmastime, when it will undoubtedly have switched seasons.

There’s so much beauty on this rainy, drizzly, wet day in Chicago.

I’m reading One.Life by Scot McKnight for my Bible class at North Park, which talks about how to use our one life to follow Jesus truly.  It offers a different perspective than some of the other books I’ve read on the same subject, and it’s definitely thought-provoking.  I’m realizing something as I read it and as I’m trying to conform my life to what Jesus wants of me.

The more I make my life look like the life that Jesus laid out for me, the more natural it feels.  It’s like I was made for that kind of living, which is probably how Jesus would say it.  Because I was.  I was made to live that way.

There is so much rest in knowing that and living that way.  And yet I still walk off that path frequently.  And then Jesus reminds me that I’m not meant to walk that way and yanks me back.

Thank you, Jesus, for yanking me.

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