duct tape and icebergs.

I’m wearing tie-dye socks on my feet, duct tape on my toe, and a treble clef ring on my right hand.  Fortunately for me, no one can see the duct tape on my toe, so this outfit doesn’t seem too weird to the world at large.

My hidden duct tape makes me wonder what other people are hiding under their socks.  Also, it makes me wonder what else I don’t know about them.  Somehow, when I think of the way other people see me, I think of the iceberg illustration from Hitch.

Hitch: “Tonight I want you to meditate on the image of an iceberg. Do you know why I want you to do that?”
Albert: “Because I’m cool?”
Hitch: “No.”
Albert: “I know, I’m not. I…”
Hitch: “Uh, I’m saying that you are an iceberg in that over 90% of your mass is below the surface.”
Albert: “I know I’m heavy. I am.”
Hitch: “No, uh, I’m talking about who you are. It’s a metaphor.”

Other people might be hiding duct tape.  Or maybe their duct tape is more figurative, that they’re trying to use something to hold themselves together.  (My toe isn’t falling off, just so you know.  That’s not the purpose for the duct tape.) It’s good for me to be reminded that people can hide things, so it’s important to be friendly.  Not necessarily to treat them like they’re fragile  but to handle all interactions with care.  It’s a good thing to think about on a Monday.

Today, I’m enjoying these dried apples that the nice lady I sat next to on the plane yesterday gave me since she thought I was such a nice girl.  Sometimes there are surprise benefits to being friendly.

That’s all for now.  Happy Monday, folks.


One thought on “duct tape and icebergs.

  1. Happy Monday to you also, Ashley. Thanks for this little tidbit to think about. Hope the rest of your Monday is awesome. Was sure good to see you yesterday.

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