Jesus came home with me.

This is my workout for the day, writing.  I know you wouldn’t, but don’t judge me for that.  Thanks.  You guys are great.

It’s a strange feeling, this being home thing.  I thoroughly enjoy all of it, but I feel like a familiar stranger in my house.  I lived here for 18 years, but I haven’t been here for the past two months.  Eating breakfast while sitting on the barstools at the kitchen counter felt totally natural… but also completely foreign. At school, I eat on my bed, where the cereal boxes on the shelves and the almond milk in the refrigerator and the coffeemaker are all within arm’s reach (though I might have to lean a little bit).

Here, I sit with my mom, high quality coffee, pumpkin cream cheese bread, and Greek yogurt with pears and cinnamon.  She’s been updating me bit by bit on what I’ve missed, and I reciprocated by sharing with her some of the things I’m learning as well as introducing her to all my friends from school via their facebook pages.

A theme in my life lately has been Jesus.  Now before you write that off as cliché and typical of every post, hear me out.  I’ve been following Jesus sincerely since the beginning of middle school, I think.  I went through a process of learning what that meant and deciding that I wanted to be a part of it that continues today.  So it’s not like Jesus being around is new to me.

Our campus pastor, Judy Peterson, offers a benediction at the end of chapel services, and she often describes Jesus as going “before you and behind you and on your left and on your right…. May He be your most intimate traveling companion.”

She’s not just talking about when I travel via plane, train, and automobile.  Life’s a journey, and she’s encouraging us to see Jesus as the one who goes with us everywhere.  I don’t know about you, but a traveling companion plays a big role in my journey.  He offers not just advice on which route to take but companionship for the road, things to think about, etc.  I’m learning what it looks like for me to wake up as a steward of the life Jesus has given me, inviting Him to eat breakfast with me.  I’m learning how to take Him to class and choir and work with me.  I’m learning what it means to introduce Him to my friends sincerely and without formal presentation.

I’m learning that it’s not like a midget dog that fits in my purse and goes everywhere with me.  It’s like having a trusted friend who sticks around no matter what.

I like traveling with Jesus.  Today, our travels take us shopping and to see some greatly missed friends.



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