hugging Jesus.

At our youth group Christmas formals, we used to give White Elephant gifts.  One year, I brought a friend with me to the formal.  I won a red light saber (I fought hard for it), and she won a Huggy Jesus.  It was basically the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen.  It was a stuffed Jesus that you could…hug.

I was just doing an assignment for Bible class and had a moment of brilliance.  I’ll just give God the credit since I’m sure it wasn’t something I could have thought up without Him.

My life is supposed to revolve around Jesus since I claim to follow Him, right?

This is the part where you nod.

I was just thinking about how people say that people “embrace” a certain thing or lifestyle.  Then it clicked.  I’m going to embrace the Jesus-follower lifestyle.  And this gives me such a good mental picture.

I wish you could paint on WordPress because then I would paint it for you.

We all know what a hug, or embrace, looks like, right?  If not, please go find a trusted friend and ask them to demonstrate for you.  Hugs are so great.  I’m pretty sure they have the power to make anything better coming from the right person.  Anyways, back to what hugging is.  It’s wrapping your arms around something and pulling it close to you.  I do this to Bunny everyday.

I’m going to hug Jesus.  I’m going to wrap my life around Him and keep Him close by.  (I mean, I know He never leaves me, but that doesn’t mean I always acknowledge His presence, you know?)  I’m not going to hold Him at arms length.  I’m going to let Him be close and change the way I live.

I’m going to hug the person who made the entire universe.  And I think He’ll hug me back.


2 thoughts on “hugging Jesus.

  1. I love this Ashley. When I pray for other people I constantly ask Jesus to wrap His arms around them and hold them close. I also do it for myself and vision me snuggling into his arms and chest. I love hugs and I know Jesus does too.

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