Wash your hands before you jump from space.

A couple of matters of business before we get things going this morning.

1. It’s Global Hand-washing Day, so you need to promise that immediately after reading this, you will go wash your hands.  Apparently it prevents the spread of disease of something… I don’t know, but that’s the word on the street.

2. If you enjoy good music and haven’t listened to Mumford and Sons, particularly their new album, Babel, then you owe it to yourself to do so.  Immediately after you wash your hands.

Okay, now on to the real thing I’ve been thinking about:

What makes a man want to jump from 120,000 feet and free fall at supersonic speeds?  This has been bothering me since I watched the youtube video of the space jump.

It you have’t seen that, then you should definitely look it up before continuing.

I watched that little white speck that was Felix Baumgartner hurtle through the air at 800+ miles per hour last night.  I marveled at his courage and at the fact that he broke the sound barrier. I also was amazed at how smooth his landing was.  It was almost ridiculous. I mean, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t ever want to skydive from a much lower height (partially because I’m afraid of heights, partially because I don’t want my insurance rates to go up… or die), but if I did, I would have to be holding someone’s hand that I love all the way down.  But then I would totally trip on the landing and end up tangled in parachute.  It wouldn’t be graceful.

He was all alone in that little capsule, and as much as I tried to tell myself that it probably had to be that way, for some reason that made me so sad.  He jumped out without having someone’s hand on his shoulder beforehand, reassuring him that it would go all right.  He didn’t have anyone up there.  And that makes it all the more courageous to me, that he couldn’t look anyone in the eyes and say that he was afraid and have them comfort him, reassure him.

The good news is that he’s back to earth safe and sound.  And he’ll probably never want for support in any of his daredevil feats ever again.  And likely ad campaigns will provide for him pretty well too.

Good for you, Felix.  And Red Bull.


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