No surprises.

I just wanted to show off how beautiful my campus is in the rain.  I’m truly in love with it.  (photo credit for the rain boot picture to Mel)

I started thinking before I drank my coffee this morning.  It’s remarkable that it was a coherent thought, but there you go.  It was coherent.

And here’s what I was thinking:  I wonder what God’s response is when I finally surrender things over to Him?

Here are the possibilities I thought up:

1. The Hot Potato Theory – “ah, *catches problems, etc like He’s not sure what it is or what to do with it* what’s this? uhh, I’m not sure what I should do with this. Wasn’t expecting that one. umm, this is so awkward because I told you to come unto me and give me your problems, but I didn’t actually expect you to.  And this is heavy.  Umm, can you take it back now?”

2. The Unconcerned Theory- “Oh, look it’s something you care about.  Isn’t that just a nice little problem? I’m sure it matters to you, but it’s really not that big of deal in the grand scheme of your life and a much smaller deal in the grand scheme of my plans.  I’ll take care of that later… if I get around to it at all.”

3. The Impossible Multi-tasking Task Theory – ” You have a problem? Yeah, I see that, but as you can see, I have my hands full right now.  I care about you, but I just have to much to do that I can’t possibly take care of that at this present moment.  There are just way too many things to take care of. I’ll take care of it later. I promise.”

That’s pretty much all my un-caffeinated mind thought up.

But I’m pretty sure that none of those are accurate.  How ignorant would I be to think that God’s never seen my problem before or is intimidated by the things that weigh me down?  How little I understand God if I think that He does not take interest in the things that matter to me?  How small must my view of God be if I think that He can’t manage the entire world and take care of me at the same time?

I’ve come to the conclusion (which I’ll probably have to remind myself of later) that God is knowledgeable, caring, AND powerful enough to take care of me.  It’s one of those truths that allows me to rest.




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