I like autumn weather quite a bit.  I love the sunshine and beautiful leaves and the breeze that makes the leaves swirl around me as I walk around campus.  The leaf-swirling phenomenon always makes me feel like I’m in a photo shoot; it’s just so picture-perfect.  As much as I rejoice in the beautiful colors and the unique quality of autumnal sunshine, I reject the cooler temperatures.

How does one reject said cold temps?  Wear t-shirts, and refuse to put on boots until it’s actually cold enough.

I’ve been walking around in a short sleeved sweater over a tank top dress today, with jeans underneath and peep-toe flats.  That, dear readers, is defiance of Uggs and sweatpants and sweatshirts and all apparel that is wintery.  In Minnesota, we have to wear that stuff for about 5 months at least, and I get so sick of all my winter attire.  I just can’t start wearing it in October.  I’ll still be wearing the same outfits in March.  And the fact that I’m confined to certain apparel will make me hate the extension of winter even more.  (There is a time and place for winter, but most years it comes too early and overstays its welcome.)

Now, having said all that about my bravery in defying the high-40 and low-50 degree weather, when things start getting gloomy and gray, and the wind starts huffing and puffing in earnest (with some real chill behind it), I’ll succumb to the pressure to bundle up.  When the snow starts swirling, I’ll put on my earmuffs and mittens that my friends made for me out of old sweaters, and I’ll wear scarves and sweaters.  And I’ll finally start wearing socks too.

I promise I won’t die of frostbite.  I’ll be sensible when I need to be.  But, for now, I’m defying the cold. It’s really not that bad, so why not just get a little more wear out of the clothes I won’t get to see til next May?



One thought on “Defiance.

  1. sounds like my weekend. it was 35-40 and all of my friends pulled out their hats and mittens. i grabbed a sweatshirt and put some uggs on cause they are super comfortable and my feet are always cold… gotta love being from minnesota where 40 is warm.

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